Castaway Attractions

Castaway Attractions

Here at Castaway Resort, we have a range of facilities, amenities and services on-site or within close proximity to the resort. Here is a list of our most utilized or popular activities or attractions at Castaway:

Breakfast – At Castaway Resort, all our in-house guests are entitled to a complimentary tropical breakfast served by the pool at Crusoe's Restaurant.

Wilson's Beach Bar – Visit the infamous Wilson’s Beach Bar! Castaway is home to this island-wide popular beach bar, best known for its funky host, Wilson the Beach Volleyball! Tying into the theme of Castaway from the Tom Hanks film “Castaway” released back in 2000, Wilson is a very popular feature of the bar as well as the whole resort in general. Men, hold on to your wives because he also happens to be quite popular with the ladies!

Situated literally right on the beach down from the resort, Wilson’s Beach Bar is where all the cocktail magic happens. With stunning sunsets, live music and bonfires on selected nights of the week, there’s always something to see and do down at Wilson’s.

Open seven days a week from 3:00pm till 9:00pm Wilson’s Beach Bar is the ideal place to quench your thirst after a long hot day of exploring the island. Wilson loves happy guests and what better way to have happy guests than to have Happy Hour from 3:00pm till 6:00pm every day? Go Wilson!

PLEASE NOTE: At Castaway Resort, both Christmas Day and Good Friday are recognised as Public Holidays. For this reason, Crusoe’s Restaurant and Wilson’s Beach Bar will be closed during these two days however our breakfast service will still be available during 8am - 10am.

Beach Viewing Deck –With our spacious, open viewing deck right on our beach near Wilson’s Beach Bar, enjoy a cocktail of your choice with a guaranteed front row seat to the stunning sunset. Whether you’re there for a drink, a snack or a whole full course meal, our viewing deck offers a million dollar view so close that you wish you could take it home with you.

Barbecue Grill – Frequently cleaned and ready to go, Castaway Resort has available for our in-house guests a barbeque grill to cook meals on and have a pool-side barbeque should you decide you’d like to cook a meal of your own.

Bus Stop – For your convenience, there is a sheltered bus stop for our local bus service right outside the front of the resort should you opt for public transport at any time during your stay.

Cuban Havana Cigars – A standout feature of Castaway Resort and Wilson’s Beach Bar! When asked what makes us different from every other business on the island, our sale of Cuban Havana Cigars is one of our top answers. Being the only place on the island with these cigars available for purchase, cigar-lovers, locals and tourists alike, flock down to Wilson’s Beach Bar to try our flavoursome variety.

Dining – Our on-site restaurant, Crusoe’s Restaurant, opens at 6:00pm Monday to Sunday with a different themed menu every night.

You have the option of a beach dinner setting with your toes in the sand or a nice, quiet, candlelit dinner by the poolside at Crusoe’s Restaurant.

Aside from our themed menus each night, if you feel like something other than what’s on the menu for that night, we also have a selection of alternative meals to choose from including our Weekly Specials Board.

At Wilson’s Beach Bar, we also have available, a range of snack foods from French fries, wedges, spring rolls and Samosas to Calamari rings, fish bites and chicken nuggets.

Our latest addition to our food options include our Japanese Snack Food Menu which feature snack versions of superb Japanese dishes from Sashimi and Sushi to Beef Titaki and delicious crunchy Tempura Prawns.

Both Snack Food Menus as well as our Yakitori Skewers are available daily from 3:00pm onwards.

PLEASE NOTE: At Castaway Resort, both Christmas Day and Good Friday are recognised as Public Holidays. For this reason, Crusoe’s Restaurant and Wilson’s Beach Bar will be closed during these two days however our breakfast service will still be available during 8am - 10am.

Grocer Shop/Convenience Store – Directly across the road from Castaway Resort there is a small convenience store which provides a good selection of items from toiletries to fruits & veges to cooking ingredients and alcohol all at very reasonable prices open from 6:00am – 10:00pm daily.

Happy Hour – As mentioned earlier, Wilson and the staff at Wilson’s Beach Bar are big fans of happy customers and therefore have happy hour running from 3:00pm to 6:00pm everyday!

Japanese Menu – Our latest addition to our food options feature our Japanese Snack Food Menu which consist of superb Japanese dishes from Sashimi and Sushi to Beef Titaki and delicious crunchy Tempura Prawns.

Kayak – All our in-house guests at Castaway Resort have the use of our double seater kayak if you decide to go for a paddle in the lagoon.

Book Swaps – In our main office at Castaway, we have a funky little system running where we keep a selection of books either donated or unwanted by previous guests. If you’re a bookworm like some of us, then jump on the bandwagon and do a book swap! Swap one of your own books with one that we have here from previous visitors in our little collection and who knows where in the world your book will end up one day. Maybe you could run into it again one day in a completely different country!

Live Entertainment – On selected days of the week, we have a variety of local artists performing down at our beach bar. Come and experience some of the authentic music, language and vibes portrayed by our very own local entertainers here on the island.

Pool – Come and lounge by the pool on our sun loungers reserved for in-house guests only and when that Rarotongan sun gets a bit too hot for you, take a dip in our jandal shaped saltwater pool.

Crusoe's Restaurant – Crusoe’s Restaurant opens from 8:00am – 10:00am for our complimentary tropical breakfast everyday as well as cooked breakfast which is also available at an extra charge.

Dinner service starts from 6:00pm – 8:30pm every night.

Snorkelling – Explore the vibrant underwater world Rarotonga is surrounded by with complimentary use of a snorkelling and flippers set free for you to use during your stay with us. Feed the fish that live directly off the shore from our private beach here at Castaway Resort.

Sunsets – Be a first hand witness as the skies open up and engulf the setting sun each night. Capture breathtaking photos as the sun leaves big beautiful splashes and streaks of colour in the sky as she departs for the night, each mess of colour uniquely different to the day before.

Tour Desk – Need help finding something to do during your stay? Come in and visit the friendly staff in the office and we can give you recommendations and brochures for anything you’re looking to experience while here in Rarotonga. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to do we will help you book in and ensure you are where you need to be should you require a pick-up or transfer.

Whales - During the months of July to November every year, the island has the pleasure of hosting whales from all over the world migrating to warmer waters to mate, give birth and to rest. One species that are most popular and regularly spotted in Rarotongan waters include Humpbacks Whales which are likely to give birth in local waters.  Other species enjoying the safety of the Island’s waters were the sperm, short finned pilot, Culver's beaked whale, and Blainville's beaked whale. Castaway’s Beach Viewing Deck is a superb location for watching these majestic creatures do their thing.

Wilson’s Whale Bell – Should you be so lucky to spot one of our large beautiful friends, alert everyone else at the beach by ringing Wilson’s Whale Bell. Be the first person to spot a whale and ring the bell for that day and receive a complimentary drink on Wilson’s tab!

Wi-Fi - Castaway Resort hosts a Wi-Fi hotspot for the convienience of our on-site guests. You may purchase vouchers at various places on the island, including the dairy across the road.

Yakitori Skewers –These have become a hit here at Castaway Resort and are very popular with our in-house guests and walk in diners. Cooked down on the beach at Wilson's Beach Bar, choose from a selection of Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Tuna, Scallops, Prawn, Vegetarian and Cherry Tomatoes all marinated in our secret Yakitori sauce and cooked to your liking.