Our Top 5 Places to cool off for Summer in Rarotonga

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20 Dec 2021

Summer in Rarotonga is the most humid season of the year. A time when most local families camp by the beach during the festive period, snack on fresh watermelon, sip away on cold beers and swim in the lagoon at sunset. 

So where do you cool off during the countries hottest time? Here are our Top 5 reccomendations!


1. Aroa Beach
(Right of The Rarotongan Resort & Spa, Aroa, Arorangi)

We love Aroa Beach for its abundant coral and reef life - in our opinion, Rarotonga's best spot to snorkel! Castaway Resort is only a 5 min drive (or 30 minute walk) from Aroa Beach, making it a quick and easy to reach by scooter or car. Don't forget to grab yourself a pair of fins, snorkel & mark from the Castaway Resort reception - this complimentary for all in-house guests!

Photocredit: Snorkel Cook Islands


2. Befruitful Ice-Cream
(Mobile caravan, usually in the town centre opposite CITC shopping centre)

Rarotonga's most colourful and popular ice-cream van brings you fresh seasonal fruit ice cream throughout the year! They're always trying something new, whether it's Real Fruit Ice-cream, smoothies, milkshakes and more. We highly reccommend their pawpaw ice cream boats, fresh, fruity and very delicious!

Photocredit: Befruitful Ice Cream 


3. Turtle Tour with Charlotte Piho!
(Opposite YWAM, Avaavaroa Passage, Vaimaanga, Titikaveka)

Regarded as one of the top TripAdvisor experiences, Charlotte Piho's Turtle Tours are a highly reccommended experience and a total bucket-list item when visiting Rarotonga! Swim with turtles, spot eagle-rays, immerse yourself safely in the currents of the Avaavaroa passage, explore coral gardens and be guided by local experts. 

Photocredit: Charlotte Piho Photography


4. Sunset cocktails at Wilson's Beach Bar & Restaurant
(Castaway Resort, Arorangi, Rarotonga)

Want to know where the best spot is for a cocktail on the beach with incredible views of the sunset? Look no further than Wilson's Beach Bar & Restaurant, found within Castaway Resort! Situated right on the beach in the western village of Arorangi, you'll best direct views of the sun setting. Special Cocktails are $10.90, with Happy Hour from 4pm-6pm, $19.90 4-Beer Buckets and delicious food to enjoy your drinks with.

Photocredit: @xyzsabueno


5. Nikao Beach (Social Centre)
(Opposite Golf course, Nikao, Rarotonga)

Our second favourite beach in Rarotonga is Nikao Beach, or locally known as Social Centre. It's a local favourite spot to park up on a Sunday to chill and is a beautiful spot to picnic, snorkel and watch the sunset. Bonus to this spot is the famous Black Rock, which is part of the beach and only a 5 minute walk from Social Centre. Befruitful Ice cream is sometimes parked here selling ice-creams, otherwise the dairy Super-Brown is just around the corner. Grab yourself something cold, chill by the beach and soak up the sun.

Photocredit: Daniel Fisher

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