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Our Top 5 Places to cool off for Summer in Rarotonga
20 Dec 2021

Summer in Rarotonga is the most humid season of the year. A time when most local families camp by the beach during the festive period, snack on fresh watermelon, sip away on cold beers and swim in the lagoon at sunset. 

So where do you cool off during the countries hottest time? Here are our Top 5 reccomendations!


1. Aroa Beach
(Right of The Rarotongan Resort & Spa, Aroa, Arorangi)

We love Aroa Beach for its abundant coral and reef life - in our opinion, Rarotonga's best spot to snorkel! Castaway Resort is only a 5 min drive (or 30 minute... read more

Helpful tips before you arrive!
05 Aug 2021

Tips to know before arriving to Rarotonga!



English is spoken by almost everyone in Rarotonga and Cook Islands Maori is the local language.



This is not customary in the Cook Islands and will not be expected of you anywhere.


Beach Towels and Snorkelling Gear

Are provided here at the resort for our in-house guests.


Sunscreen, After Sun, Mosquito Repellent

All are quite expensive to buy here and it is recommended that you bring these with you when you come over.



It pays to bring your own reef shoes. This... read more